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Think Tank Retrospective review by Riske de Vries

Over the years I have collected a number of different bags, and a few stand out as favourites. The Think Tank Retrospective 7 and Retrospective 40 are definitely among them!
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Exploring the Colombian Jungle with the Bushnell CORE DS-4K / S-4K

Hey there! I'm Kristof, the guy who loves to clumsily navigate the world's stories armed with a camera. This time, my photographic journey took me to Colombia, on a quest to capture the wild inhabitants of the jungle... well, through my lens, at least!
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Think Tank Airport International V3.0 Trolley

As a nature photographer who regularly travels around the world, it is essential for me to have a reliable transportation solution for my extensive photography and videography equipment. Those who are often on the move know the problem: How do I protect my lenses, camera, and laptop?
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Which microSD card is best for my INSTA360 Ace Pro?

If you have an INSTA360 Ace Pro, X3 or One RS camera, choosing the right microSD card is critical to capturing high-quality video without interruption. If you want to shoot high-resolution video at 4K or even 8K, you need to buy the fastest card possible. This may sound simple, but it is actually more difficult than you might think.
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How the Bushnell Forge 15x56 binoculars help with photography

With my Bushnell Forge 15x56 binoculars in hand, I experience nature in a very special way. For me, it is not only about admiring the beauty of wildlife, but also about capturing the perfect moments for my camera.
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ThinkTank Retrospective 7 - a Beautiful Canvas Shoulder Bag

The ThinkTank Retrospective 7 Canvas messenger bag is a smooth-looking, retro shoulder bag that offers quality, handiness and security. This shoulder bag is especially for professional and enthusiastic amateur photographers who want a sporty messenger-style camera bag.
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Complete your Sony A6700 camera kit with these accessories

Whether you have your eye on the Sony A6700 or already own it, one thing is certain: this beautiful APS-C system camera offers a lot of possibilities. To complete your camera kit, there are some additional accessories that should not be missed, such as a sturdy camera strap, extra battery and memory card.
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Camera displays 'hot card' warning - this is the solution

The problem of the "hot card" warning is usually not due to a fault in the memory card, but to the use of an older CFX card in a Nikon Z9 or Nikon Z8 camera, for example. The solution is simple: use a faster card. But how do you know when a card is fast enough?
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Using tablet as autocue - Desview TP150 teleprompter

I recently shot a promo video, where I was responsible for production, direction and presentation. By forgetting the texts and having to read text boards, which was very awkward. To avoid this in the future, I use the Desview Teleprompter TP150.
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Photographing birds - Choose the right Tamron telephoto zoom

To photograph birds, you need a Telezoom lens that takes sharp pictures even at long distances. A fast autofocus is essential, and many photographers also find image stabilization and a focus limiter useful. There are also a number of requirements that a good Telezoom for bird photography must meet.
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