3 accessories for the Nikon Z8 that will make all the difference

As a proud owner of the Nikon Z8 camera, you naturally want accessories that are as great as your camera itself. That's why we have carefully selected for you the three best accessories that can make all the difference in your creative exploits. Of these, one versatile accessory is an absolute must-have for every Nikon Z8 user, regardless of whether your focus is photography or video. In addition, we selected one for the passionate photographer and one for the videographer that makes your camera dance fluidly through the air.

Lexar CFexpress Type B
Lexar CFexpress Type B

Lexar CFexpress memory cards

New camera, time for a fresh memory card? When choosing a memory card, large capacity is often preferred. But actually, the speed of the card almost always plays an even more important role, especially if large files need to be written away at lightning speed. The writing speed determines how fast the memory card can store data. If the memory card is too slow, the incoming data cannot be processed properly, with all the associated problems. So a good memory card can make all the difference.

Lexar Diamond Series CFexpress 128GB
Lexar Diamond Series CFexpress 256GB
Lexar Diamond Series CFexpress 512GB

Memory card for all-round use

The Nikon Z8 is equipped with two card slots that allow flexible file storage. One slot accommodates CFexpress Type-B cards, which is ideal for data-intensive tasks like 8K shooting and fast burst shots. The other slot is a UHS-II SD slot, allowing you to continue working with the popular SD storage format. Also, the CFexpress Type B slot is compatible with XQD memory cards.

The Lexar Diamond CFexpress Type B is an excellent all-round card as it scores high on multiple points, and is the fastest CFexpress Type B card currently available. The card has some cool features such as XQD backwards compatibility and has a VGP-400 certification. The VGP-400 V rating gives this card a guaranteed minimum write speed of 400 MB/s for interchangeable host devices and recording media.

With maximum read speeds of up to 1900 MB/s, write speeds of up to 1700 MB/s and minimum sustained write speeds that do not fall below 1600 MB/s, means it far exceeds the VGP standard. This card meets the demands of professional filmmakers and content creators for smooth recording of 4K, 6K and even 8K videos.

The Lexar Diamond card is available with a storage capacity of 128GB, 256GB or 512GB. Here you have to remember that, for example, one minute of ProRes 4K video at 880 Mbits/s consumes about 5GB of space. That works out to 300GB for an hour. If you find 512GB too little then you can look at the Lexar Gold CFexpress cards, that series goes up to 2TB as maximum storage capacity.

Lexar Diamond CFexpress Type B

  • Max Read Speed: 1900 MB/s
  • Max Write Speed: 1700 MB/s
  • Min Sustained Write Speed: 1600 MB/s
Ranger tripod on the beach
Leofoto LH-40 ball head

Leofoto Ranger LS-324C carbon tripod with LH-40 ball head

You don't have a tripod yet, or you want to buy a new one? That's a good idea, after all, many photographers call their tripod their best lens. A good tripod can make all the difference. For most photo and video photographers, it is important that the tripod offers sufficient working height, is not too heavy and is, of course, stable. In addition, the tripod should also be strong enough to safely carry a Nikon Z8 and any additional accessories.

Carbon tripod

If you want to keep the weight of the tripod as light as possible, a carbon tripod is the best choice. These tripods are not only exceptionally strong and durable, but also last a long time. The Leofoto LS-324C carbon tripod is part of the Leofoto Ranger tripod series. The 10-layer carbon makes the LS-324C tripod very strong and stable. You can adjust the height of the legs with the TwistLock system. This lets you loosen and tighten the tripod's four leg sections in no time.

With the legs fully extended, the maximum working height is 139.5 cm. Some photographers may find this a bit on the tight side, in which case you can increase the working height to 170.5 cm with the included DC-282C centre column. In contrast, the minimum working height of this tripod is only 17 cm, which is fine for working low to the ground with the Nikon Z8. Folded down, the tripod is only 57 cm long. The same tripod is also available with a rubber grip around one leg and is then called RF-324C.

Reliable tripod head is an essential accessory

A sturdy tripod is important, but without a reliable ball head you will get nowhere. Thus, the LS-324C tripod comes with an LH-40 ball head. This ball head is extremely solid and has a hefty load capacity of no less than 20 kilos. This practical ball head makes composing a photo a pleasure. The tripod plate has a ⅜" tripod screw, making it compatible with many other tripod heads.

Although the tripod is of course also useful for shooting videos, a video head is more convenient than a ball head in those situations. This is because video heads such as the BV-10 or BV-15 have a control arm. The advantage of this is that you can easily make nice, smooth camera movements.

Weebill 3 gimbal
Zhiyun sling

Zhiyun Weebill 3 combo

The Nikon Z8 is more compact than the Nikon Z9, but has almost the same specifications, making it an excellent camera for both photography and videography. When filming with the Nikon Z8, this second accessory is a necessity. The Zhiyun Weebill 3 gimbal is an absolute must-have for making smooth movements like panning and tilting. Especially in run-and-gun filmmaking, a gimbal is indispensable. With a gimbal, you can rest assured that you can make your Nikon Z8 dance through the air.

Making nice camera moves

The Weebill 3 has an L-shaped handle, an ergonomic wrist rest and an extendable sling grip, allowing you to effortlessly make any camera movement you want. The L-shaped handle and wrist rest provide a comfortable grip, reducing stress on your forearms and allowing you to keep shooting for longer without any problems. The sling grip is also ideal when you want to shoot below the waist.

“The sling grip is also ideal when you want to shoot below the waist.”

Weighing around 1190 grams, the Weebill 3 is one of the lightest gimbals in its class. This is important, because at the end of a long day of filming, every gram makes a difference. You can link the wheel on the front of the gimbal to different settings, making it easier to change certain camera settings, focus or zoom in/out or make interesting axis movements while filming. You also have several modes at your disposal with the Weebill 3. The default, and most commonly used mode is the Pan Follow Mode.

Built-in battery, LED lamp and microphone

The Zhiyun Weebill 3 gimbal features a built-in battery with support for PD fast charging. This allows you to fully charge the empty battery in about 2 hours. Officially, the gimbal has a maximum battery life of 21 hours in static conditions (tested in the lab), but in practice this will be slightly lower. In particular, using the fold-out 0.96" OLED screen seems to consume more power. Also, the Weebill 3 gimbal has a built-in LED light and a Hi-Fi microphone, which can be useful in all kinds of conditions.

Lexar memory card for Nikon z8
Weebill 3 gimbal for Nikon z8
Leofoto Ranger tripod


With the Lexar Diamond CFexpress Type B memory card, known as the undisputed champion of speed and reliability, you can safely store all your precious moments. And of course, a reliable tripod is an essential accessory. The Leofoto LS-324C carbon tripod offers stability and freedom, so you can capture perfect compositions without a doubt.

In addition, we have selected the ultimate gimbal for the Nikon Z8. With the Zhiyun Weebill 3, make your Nikon Z8 move through the air like a dancer and create cinematic shots that will amaze your viewers. It's time to push your creative boundaries and capture images you can be proud of!

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