Complete your Sony A6700 camera kit with these accessories

Whether you have your eye on the Sony A6700 or already own it, one thing is certain: this beautiful APS-C system camera offers a lot of possibilities. To complete your camera kit, there are some additional accessories that should not be missed, such as a sturdy camera strap, extra battery and memory card.
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Best compact tripods for macro photography

In the enchanting world of macro photography, you capture the smallest details of nature. A stable base is essential to capture these promising fragments with precision and sharpness. That's where the tripod comes in. But which tripod is best to use for that?
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Building a Camera Rig in 21 seconds with Falcam accessories

Het in elkaar schroeven van een camera rig kan een tijdrovende klus zijn die op den duur gaat frustreren. Met deze innovatieve camera rig accessoires laten we zien hoe snel en gemakkelijk het opzetten en uit elkaar halen van een camera rig kan zijn.
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5 best travel tripods to take with you on the plane

Want to take a lightweight tripod with you when you go on holiday by plane? Then you only have a limited number of kilos you can take with you and your suitcase must meet certain dimensions. Of course, you need to take this into account when looking for your perfect travel tripod.
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Organise your travel bag with these Peak Design storage cubes

Packing a travel bag is often a tough job, as you always want to take more than will fit in the bag. Once you have finished weighing up which items you want to leave at home, the next difficulty arises: keeping the contents of your bag clear during the trip.
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