Peak Design - Magnetic phone holders for car, motorbike and bicycle

Many phone holders have those elastic bands or rubber hooks that clamp the phone in place. Besides doubting whether your phone will indeed stay in place throughout the ride, it is sometimes inconvenient that the corners of your screen are covered. Or even trickier, the buttons on the side of your phone are accidentally pressed. This is what makes the phone holders from the Peak Design Everyday Mobile collection so practical, as they don't have these inconveniences.

The Everyday Mobile collection includes magnetic phone holders for:

In the car

On the motorbike

On the bicycle

Making phone compatible

Peak Design - especially in the photography world - has already had a lot of success with several brilliant accessories. And now also with the Everyday Mobile collection with innovative phone holders. A number of phone holders in this collection are magnetic only, but the phone holders that have to withstand intense vibrations also have an innovative invention which Peak Design calls SlimLink™. Besides making mounting your phone a lot safer, the phone holder remains easy to use. This mounting technique basically works almost the same as a phone clamp, but is designed in a much more practical way.

Peak Design telefoonhoeesje
SlimLink magneten uitgelegd

SlimLink™ lock

The SlimLink latch is integrated into the Mobile collection's phone cases and universal adapter. The magnets in the phone holder attract the magnets in your case (or adapter) and it is directly aligned with the mechanical clamp mount. Your phone easily clicks into place, allowing you to do one-handed placement. The phone is held firmly in place until you press the release button on the back of the holder. You can position the phone in either portrait or landscape mode. With this practical solution, your phone is firmly secured, the buttons on the side of your phone are free and the entire screen remains visible.

"You easily snap your phone in place with one hand."

Phone cases are available for iPhone SE, 11, 12, 13 and iPhone 14 & 15, for both the standard versions and the Pro and Pro Max. They are also available for the Samsung S21/S22 (Plus and Ultra) and the Pixel 6 & 7. If you don't have one of the specific phones, you can still use the SlimLink system. For this, you just need to attach the universal adapter to your current phone case. With the cases and the universal adapter, your phone is compatible with any phone holder in the Peak Design Mobile Ecosystem.

Universele adapter op telefoon
Magnetische universele adapter plaatsen

Universal adapter - a phone magnet sticker

By attaching the universal adapter to the back of a phone case, you make a phone compatible with all Peak Design phone cases. The 2.5mm thick universal adapter is low-profile and the 3M VHB adhesive strip has strong and long-lasting adhesion. The adhesive strip adheres best to smooth, flat, non-textured materials such as hard plastic and metal. Soft or rubbery surfaces such as silicone or leather are best avoided as the adhesive effect is simply a lot less. It is also better not to stick the adapter directly onto your phone casing if your phone is suitable for wireless charging.

Attaching the adapter

You need to apply the sticker properly in one go. You can still easily remove it afterwards, but not reapply it. The adapter comes with an alignment template to make it easier to stick the sticker straight onto your case. After attaching the adapter, you still have to wait 24 hours before you can use it. Using the magnetic sticker on a tablet, flip/folding phone or device other than a smartphone is not recommended, by the way.

telefoonhouder met magneet auto
Magnetische telefoonhouder auto

Magnetic Car Mount

An in-car phone holder with a magnet works more simply than a phone holder you have to clamp your phone into. The very strong magnet in the Peak Design phone holder will attract the magnet in your phone (case) or adapter, causing it to lock onto the holder with a reassuring 'plop' in portrait or landscape mode. Since the car produces relatively less vibration than a motorbike or a bicycle, the SlimLink mechanism is not needed here.

"That makes this holder wonderfully easy to use."

The phone holder blends well with almost any car interior, making it hardly noticeable. Thanks to its slim design, your view of the road is not obstructed either. In addition, you can adjust the viewing angle by rotating the ball head to better keep an eye on the navigation. That makes this holder wonderfully easy to use.

Plakstrip magneet auto
12V stekker in auto

Attach to your dashboard

Using the 3M VHB adhesive layer on the back, the phone holder is easy to attach to your dashboard or console. As dashboards are often not completely flat, the base is slightly curved so that the adhesive layer has the best grip. The best adhesive results are obtained when attached to slightly curved, hard, non-porous, non-textured surfaces such as hard plastic. Attaching the holder to a leather interior is best avoided as the adhesive does not work optimally on these surfaces.

Wireless charging in the car

Two different versions of this phone holder are available: a normal version and a version that also lets you charge your phone wirelessly. The appearance of both holders is pretty much the same, with the version with charger only being slightly thicker and having a USB-C port. It also comes with a USB-C cable and 12v lighter adapter. Your phone must have a Peak Design Mobile Everyday Case or Universal Adapter to use this holder. It also works well with an iPhone 12/13 without a case and smartphones with an Apple MagSafe case.

Peak Design Bar Mount op motor
Peak Design Stem mount op motor

Magnetic phone holders for motorbikes

If you want to be able to keep an eye on the navigation on your phone while motorcycling, you need a phone holder. Peak Design has two different phone holders to attach to your bike. One is a holder specifically for bikes with an open stem nut, the other is a more universal mount with a clamping ring. Both holders have the SlimLink locking feature.

Before you ride off, make sure that after mounting, the phone does not touch other parts of your bike or get in the way when steering sharply.

Motorcycle Bar Mount - phone holder for on handlebar

You mount the Motorcycle Bar Mount smartphone holder on the handlebar bar with the clamping ring. As a motorbike generates a lot of vibration, the holder has the SlimLink attachment in addition to the magnet. You attach the phone to the holder effortlessly: the magnets in the holder attract the magnets from your case (or adapter) and it is immediately aligned to lock with the mechanical SlimLink clamp. You can position the phone either horizontally or vertically. The SlimLink lock allows you to take the phone off only if you press the unlock button on the side. You can also use the sturdy adjustable arm to adjust the tilt angle if necessary.

stap 1 bar mount plaatsen
stap 2 bar mount plaatsen
stap3 bar mount plaatsen

Easy mounting on your motorbike

Mounting this smartphone holder is easy. Place the clamping ring on the tube of your handlebar, put the phone holder in the desired position and use an Allen key to tighten all the bolts. Once it is tight, you can place the phone on the holder. As not every tube has the same diameter, three clamps with different sizes are included: 22.2mm. 25.4mm and 28.6mm. These are three common diameters.

Built-in vibration damper

When starting the engine, vibrations are felt immediately. These vibrations combined with the contact of the tyres on the tarmac while driving can damage your phone's internal hardware. The vibration damper is balanced to absorb the vibrations of the engine to prevent damage to the camera's image stabiliser. In addition, it is stiff enough so you can still read the screen with navigation decently. With its integrated vibration damper, the mount also allows you to go off-road with a dirtbike just fine.

Motorcycle Stem Mount - phone holder for stem/yoke nut

If you have a sports or road bike with clip-on handlebars, you can mount this holder directly on the hollow stem (stem/yoke nut) using a unique expansion plug. As a motorbike generates a lot of vibration, the holder has the SlimLink mount. The phone easily clicks into the mechanical SlimLink mount due to its magnetic alignment.

Integrated vibration absorber and adjustable arm

For everything else, it actually works exactly like the motorbike phone holder with the clamping ring. Thus, this holder also has an adjustable arm to better position the phone. In addition, it is equipped with a vibration damper that protects your phone's internal hardware from the ongoing intensive vibrations of the bike.

stap 1 stem mount plaatsen
stap 2 stem mount plaatsen
stap 3 stem mount plaatsen

Installing phone holder on clip-on handlebars

You can mount this smartphone holder on sports and road bikes with clip-on handlebars with an open stem/yoke nut from 13 mm to 26 mm. Place the plug in the opening of the stem nut, put the phone holder in the desired position and use an Allen key to tighten all the bolts. Once it is tight, you can place the phone on the holder.

magnetische telefoonhouder racefiets
telefoonhouder magneet fiets

For city bike, road bike or MTB

Holding a phone on a bicycle is illegal in the Netherlands, if your phone is in a holder you don't have to worry about getting a fine. Besides, a phone holder is simply more convenient if you want to use it for navigation tracking, for example. Peak Design has two different options for the bike.

Out-Front bike mount

The Mobile Out-Front Bike Mount is a sturdy smartphone holder with an attractive but unobtrusive appearance. Because this mount puts your phone in front of your handlebars, it keeps it away from your knees while cycling. You can position the holder so that you can easily see the route description or, for example, the progress on the Strava app on the screen. The thumbscrew allows you to turn mount and phone a quarter turn during the ride so you can take a POV video with the camera. This mount also has the SlimLink Lock, which allows you to click and release the phone onto the mount with one hand.

handige telefoonhouder magnetisch
telefoonhouder voor op je stuur plaatsen

Mounting on your city bike, road bike or MTB

Because three sizes of rubber inserts are included, you can place this Out-Front holder on a round bar with a diameter of around 22.2mm, 25.4mm or 31.8mm. These are pretty standard sizes making this phone holder suitable for almost any bike. So you can use it for your city bike, MTB or while cycling. The rubber inserts also prevent the bar from damaging your handlebars. Finally, with the included GoPro adapter, you can attach a bike light or action camera under your smartphone if necessary.

Does your handlebar have a diameter thicker than 35mm or does your road bike have areo handlebars? Then check out the universal phone holder below.

Elatische strap monteren
telefoon handsfree op de fiets

Universal phone holder with silicone strap

This versatile mount uses a weatherproof silicone strap to attach it to almost any tube. It can be attached to your bike's handlebar stem or frame, for example. It can also be mounted on scooters, mopeds, scooters, prams, golf carts and other vehicles or objects where there is a tube. The strap has a range of 19mm to a maximum of 55mm.

" you can attach your phone to the holder with one hand."

The grip-resistant silicone band makes this phone holder easy to insert and remove to reposition. It features the SlimLink mount, so you can attach your phone to the holder with one hand. The phone holder can be rotated, allowing you to switch between horizontal and vertical position without having to remove your smartphone.

Peak Design Ecosysteem

Peak Design Mobile Ecosystem

The Peak Design Mobile Ecosystem not only has phone holders for in the car and on the bike or motorbike. They also have some practical magnetic holders for home and creative purposes.

mini statief magneet

Mobile tripod

An exceptionally stable mini tripod that is smaller than a credit card.

muur magneet telefoonhouder

Wall Mount

Keep your phone at eye level and your hands free to follow a recipe, for example.

MagSafe oplaadstation

Wireless Charging Stand

Brighten up your desk with a MagSafe compatible charging and display station.

Kaarthouder statief

Mobile Stand wallet

A beautiful, slim mobile card holder with a twist: it is also a fully adjustable kickstand.

Kaarthouder magnetisch

Slim wallet

A super-slim wallet that can be magnetically connected to any Peak Design or MagSafe case.

Peak Design Creative kit

Creative kit

Connect your phone to other creative mounts and rigs to get all the full photo/video out.

About the Peak Design brand

Peak Design is the leader in crowdfunding and makes best-in-class carry solutions that keep your gear organised, protected and accessible, leaving you free to adventure, commute and create. The idea for their first product was born during a motorbike trip through Southeast Asia and has since grown into a multifunctional ecosystem of bags, pouches, backpacks, sling bags, carry straps, clips and everything for your mobile.


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