Organise your travel bag with these Peak Design storage cubes

Packing a travel bag is often a tough job, as you always want to take more than will fit in the bag. Once you have finished weighing up which items you want to leave at home, the next difficulty arises: keeping the contents of your bag well-organised during the trip. If, after a while, the contents of your travel bag have become a mess, you are not alone.

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Which storage pouches belong to the Peak Design Travel Line?

To tackle the common dissatisfaction of a messy travel bag, Peak Design has created the Travel Line. The Travel Line includes several backpacks and duffel bags, as well as practical'Cubes and four types of pouches, each with their own 'specialty'. With these storage units, you can easily organise your travel bag, and keep it organised. You can choose which travel bag you want to use them with, but they work best in combination with a Peak Design bag.

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Camera Cube in tas

Camera cubes

The Camera Cube is available in the sizes: Small, Medium and Large. These handy storage cubes are meant to protect your camera kit and keep it in place in a Peak Design camera bag. For photographers, the Camera cube is definitely the most essential storage cube of all Travel Line pouches.

What is a Unit?

How many storage cubes fit in your bag depends of course on the size of your duffel bag or travel backpack. Peak Design indicates this in 'units'. For example, the Small cube is 1 unit, the Medium cube is 2 units and the Large cube is 3 units. Camera cubes cannot be placed on top of each other, as is possible with the Package cubes and the other pouches.

camera cube

Small Camera Cube

camera cube

Medium Camera Cube

camera cube

Large Camera Cube

How much camera gear fits in a Camera Cube?

Naturally, more fits into the largest Camera Cube than into the smallest. The image above gives you an impression of what roughly fits inside. You can count on at least one body with a medium-sized lens or a modest drone kit to fit in the Camera Cube - Small. In the two larger cubes you can of course put more equipment. In general, there is no shortage of space and you can make all kinds of arrangements.

After unzipping a cube, you will notice that the flap has a kind of thin ridge at parallel points, which makes it easy to bend or roll up the flap. It differs per size how many and what kind of dividers are included. These Camera Cubes simply make travelling with photo, video or drone equipment a lot easier.

If you need some inspiration on how to lay out your furniture, check out this video by Peak Design. Lawrence (the man in the video) talks you through.

Secure 'em!

Although the storage cubes are exactly tailored for Peak Design bags, you can of course put them in any backpack or duffel bag. The advantage you will miss is the use of the Peak Design c-clip system. On the outside of the Camera Cubes are loops to attach them to the inside of a Peak Design bag with the special clips provided. When placing the Camera Cube in your travel bag, it is important to secure it at all four points, and even at six points in the case of the large cube. This way, the cube will not slide around in your bag.

Peak Design anchor links

Using Anchor Links

The cubes also have loops to attach the famous Anchor links. This way, you can carry the storage cube in combination with a Peak Design Strap as a shoulder bag. This comes in handy at locations where you are not allowed to enter with a large backpack, such as museums. It is also great if you don't want to leave your precious camera gear in the dormitory of your hostel or in the locker at the train station. The Camera Cube provides excellent protection for your gear against shocks and bumps, but not against theft!

When travelling by airplane, do not check in expensive camera equipment, but take it with you as hand luggage.

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Cube inpakken

Packing Cubes

The Packing Cubes come in sizes: small and medium. Previously, these cubes were only available in charcoal grey, but now also in sage and black. With different colours, you can easily keep the contents of a Packing cube apart: a green small pouch for socks and underwear, and a black one for swimwear, pyjamas, a belt and/or your curling iron.


The convenience of Packing Cubes

For folded T-shirts, shirts, blouses and trousers, the Medium version is a better size. Both sizes can be increased by opening the compression zip. After filling and closing the cube, you can close the compression zip again. This way, the Cube becomes a shapely compact package.

In addition, the Medium Packing Cube - unlike the Small - has two separate compartments. You can use one compartment for your clean laundry and the other for your dirty laundry. By carrying your clothes, you end up filling one compartment with the contents of the other.

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Tech Pouch
Tech pouch sage

Tech Pouch

The Tech pouch is only one size, but is available in multiple colours: Black, Sage, Bone (beige), Midnight (blue) and Charcoal (dark grey). This beautiful pouch has a lot of compartments to keep your charger, powerbank, smartphone, SD-cards and all other cables and accessories in a well-organised way.

"This beautiful pouch has a lot of compartments to keep all your accessories in orderly fashion."

These kinds of accessories are often sensitive to moisture. Because the exterior - including the zip - of this pouch is weatherproof, your gear in the Tech Pouch stays nice and dry. A bonus of this pouch are the loops to attach your Anchor links. With the Peak Design Strap you can turn it into a compact shoulder bag for daily use. This is especially handy when you are travelling and don't want to carry your entire travel backpack.

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Wash Pouch

When you travel, you cannot avoid taking some toiletries with you. This is what the Wash Pouch is made for. This handy water-repellent pouch for toiletries is available in black and in sage. Initially the Wash Pouch is only available in one size, but with the expansion of the Travel Line a smaller version will be introduced as well.

What fits in the Wash pouch?

The more compact version offers space for all essential toiletries. There are several mesh pockets to store your toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant and other essentials. In both pouches there is a separate compartment with a magnetic closure. Here you can keep a toothbrush, for example, in case you don't have a toothbrush case (anymore). The compartment remains closed, but for hygienic reasons we still recommend using a toothbrush case.

Inhoud wash pouch

Wash Pouch is easy to keep clean

The partitions on the inside are easy to clean under the tap, in case your shampoo bottle leaks. Or that you simply need to freshen up the toiletry bag when you get home. Finally, there is a hook hidden in a pocket on the outside. With this hook you can hang the Wash Pouch on another object: shower curtain rod, shower rack, towel rack, etc. This is not a very unique feature of wash bags anymore, but it does not make it less practical when there is no (clean) surface to put it on.

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shoe pouch
shoe pouch

Shoe Pouch

In the Shoe Pouch you place - you guessed it - your shoes. At least one pair of shoes fits in one pouch. At least, because you can often fit a second pair in there too. Make sure the tops of the shoes are turned towards each other, or the soles towards each other. That way, the sole of one shoe will not dirty the other.

"At least, because it is often possible to put in a second pair."

This foldable pouch is produced from one piece of very sturdy nylon and has a solid zip to close it off. The Shoe Pouch has loops for Archor Links as well as loops for the c-clip system. Because shoes are often heavier (and bulkier) than the rest of your gear, it is wise to attach them to the inside of your bag with the c-clips. By the way, you don't have to put your shoes in the pouch, you are free to decide what you want to put in it. The Shoe pouch is available in black, sage green and Raw (grey line pattern).

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Packable tote
opgevouwen packable tote

Packable Tote

The Packable Tote initially looks a lot like the Shoe Pouch, but is different. The word Tote translates to 'tote bag', which it literally is. A very solid tote, that is. The Tote is made out of one piece of recycled ripstop 70D nylon fabric. That means fewer seams to tear if you stuff it too full. And what about the sturdy zip that prevents the contents from rolling out of the bag? It also has a water-repellent coating. So all your stuff stays nice and dry. So if you turn the bag inside out, in principle damp contents, such as a damp towel, should keep the condensation inside.

"This means that there are fewer seams to tear out if you stuff it a little too full."

The shoulder strap is made of very strong nylon webbing with a soft sewn-in microfibre pad. This prevents it from rubbing on the skin. With one handle you can carry this bag comfortably and it is also easy to store. You can also fold it compactly when not in use. The Tote is a nice accessory to have, but the least necessary. Besides being a great travel accessory it is also a great bag to put in your daily groceries, drawing supplies or just to take your lunch to the office. The Packable Tote is available in the colours Charcoal (dark grey) and Raw (grey line pattern).

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Duffelpack 65l
Backpack 45L
Duffelbag 35L

Travel Line - Travel Backpacks, Duffel Bags and DuffelPack

If you own a Peak Design bag or accessory, you know why everyone is so enthusiastic about the products of this brand. With a Peak Design bag, you are assured of an excellent bag with the very best features that, let's be honest, every other bag brand wants to copy. This is no different with the Peak Design Travel Backpacks. They are simply stylish, robust backpacks with all kinds of handy features.

Lifetime Warranty

Peak Design travel bags are covered by the Peak Design Lifetime Warranty. This covers manufacturing defects and defects or breaks during normal use that render a part or the whole of your product non-functional. This does not include cosmetic damage incurred if you throw it out of a moving car or something similar.


Peak Design & their ecological vision

Peak Design finds it important to take responsibility for the impact they have on the environment and society. This means understanding and accounting for the full life cycle of a product, from the complex supply chain to a design that extends its useful life as long as possible. It also means policies and advocacy aimed at improving the lives of their employees, contractors, customers and people around the planet. That is why they are affiliated with 1% for the Planet, are a B-Corporation and are Climate Neutral


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