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Quickly charge your camera batteries with the ProCube2 charger

Without a charged battery you can't shoot with your camera, but it happens all the time that only a USB cable with an AC adapter is supplied by the manufacturer to charge the battery in the camera. Of course, that doesn't get you anywhere when you need to charge multiple batteries. The Hähnel ProCUBE2 is a nice option to solve that problem. Besides being able to quickly charge two batteries at the same time, this battery charger is without a doubt the most beautiful battery charger on the market.

What is the ProCube2 battery charger?

The Hähnel ProCube2 Twin Charger is a smart, dual battery charger with some nice extra features. The ProCube2 is available in six versions: one for the Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Fuji and for Panasonic. In each version, the metal housing has a different colour, but they all have the same functions. It differs per ProCube2 which camera batteries you can charge with it. The different removable battery plates allow you to charge different batteries. For example, the Sony version allows you to charge two Sony NP-BX1 batteries, two Sony NP-FW50 batteries or two Sony NP-FZ100 batteries simultaneously.

Colours of the ProCUBE2

  • Light grey for Canon

  • Dark grey for Nikon

  • Blue for Panasonic

  • Green for Fuji

  • Bronze for Olympus

  • Orange for Sony

Sony acculader
Fuji acculader

How does the ProCube2 work?

You can charge two Li-Ion batteries at the same time in the Twin Charger, with the ProCube2's intelligent technology itself ensuring that the batteries are charged as quickly as possible without overcharging them. Besides Li-Ion camera batteries, you can also use the ProCube2 battery charger to charge USB devices and AA batteries. For AA batteries, Hähnel supplies a separate tray with the ProCube2 that you can clip on top of the charger with magnets.

On the back of the ProCube2 is a USB port that allows you to charge a smartphone or other USB device. This USB port delivers 2.1 amps, so even a tablet or smartphone with a large battery is quickly charged. However, you cannot charge batteries and use the USB function at the same time: battery charging will take priority over USB charging.

Panasonic acculader
Olympus acculader

ProCube2 battery charger for daily use

You can give this stylish charger a prominent place on your desk. That's a relief, because most chargers are somewhere in one of your photo bags or lying in a drawer somewhere and thus always lost. Now you come home after a day of shooting and quickly click the used batteries into the ProCube2 and have two full batteries again in no time.

"The ProCube2 does that same job in less time and then also with two batteries at the same time."

Before first use, it is important to insert the correct battery plate into the ProCube2. A specific battery plate is supplied for each type of supported battery. You can change the battery plate by inserting the supplied key into the hole in the back of the ProCube2. Then you can easily take out the battery plate, insert another battery plate and get to work. You can also unclip it with a simple paper clip or pen tip in case you lose the key.

Which batteries can you charge with the ProCube2?

  • Sony - NP-BX1, NP-FW50 and NP-FZ100
  • Nikon - EN-EL14(a), EN-EL15(a,b,c) and EN-EL25
  • Fujifilm - NP-W126S en NP-W235
  • Panasonic - DMW-BLC12, BLF19, BLJ31 and BLG10
  • Olympus - BLX1, BLS-5 and BLH-1
  • Canon - LP-E6, LP-E8 and LP-E17, LP-E6NH

Advantages of the Hähnel ProCUBE2

Many cameras no longer come with a battery charger. For example, the Sony A7 only comes with a USB charger that lets you charge one battery in the camera itself. That in itself works fine, but very slowly: to charge one battery, the A7 takes about 4-5 hours. The ProCube2 does the same job in less than an hour, and even then with two batteries at the same time. Thanks to the ProCube2's intelligent control, batteries are charged quickly but there is no risk of overcharging. The batteries also do not get very hot despite fast charging. Moreover, the ProCube2 works perfectly with both original brand batteries and aftermarket batteries.

Nikon camerabatterij lader
camera acculader in auto

Specifications and extras

On the front of the Hähnel ProCube2 you will find a black backlit display on which you can see if the device is on. It also shows the status of the connected batteries. For each battery, you will find a graphic representation of the charging process and the charger indicates the percentage of the batteries that have been charged. The ProCube2 also provides information on the charging status when charging AA batteries. When connecting a USB device it does not, then a small symbol is displayed to let you know which function is in use. This makes sense, as the USB device usually has its own charging indication.

Besides the normal 230V plug, you will also find a car plug in the battery charger box to allow you to use the ProCube in your car.

AA-batterijen opladen met ProCUBE2
Canon Acculader

Charging AA batteries

A handy extra feature of the Hähnel ProCube2 Twin Charger is its ability to charge AA batteries. This allows you, for example, to also charge your flash batteries without having to find a separate charger. To charge AA batteries, you place the AA tray on top of the ProCube2. It is then no longer possible to charge Li-Ion batteries at the same time. The tray itself clicks into place with a pair of magnets.

The only condition when charging AA batteries is, you need to charge at least 4 at a time. And preferably use batteries of equal capacity. If you use batteries of different capacity, the lighter batteries can get very hot while charging. The USB function of the ProCube2 is also very handy: thanks to the high power of the USB port, even the large battery of a Samsung Galaxy can be charged in no time.

Conclusion: A beautiful and handy charger!

The Hähnel ProCube2 battery charger is not only a beautiful but also very convenient charger. The ability to quickly charge two batteries at the same time and also charge AA batteries and USB devices with just one device is a godsend for demanding users. As Hähnel also includes a car adapter, the ProCube2 Twin Charger is a perfect solution for photographers at home and on the road.


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