ThinkTank Retrospective 7 - a Beautiful Canvas Shoulder Bag

The ThinkTank Retrospective 7 Canvas messenger bag is a stylish retro shoulder bag that offers quality, convenience, and security. This shoulder bag is designed for professional and enthusiastic amateur photographers who want a sporty messenger-style camera bag. You can also use this stylish shoulder bag for daily use.

ThinkTank Retrospective shoulder bag - pine
ThinkTank Retrospective shoulder bag - Black

Best Canvas Messenger Bag

The ThinkTank Retrospective 7 V2.0 features a subtle gray color (Pine Stone) that gives it a refined and understated appearance. The black camera bag is equally elegant and doesn't draw much attention. It's entirely made of cotton canvas, giving it the discreet appearance of a messenger bag. The canvas is treated with various coatings to ensure water repellency. Stylish looks combined with optimal protection for your equipment.

"This is ideal for circumstances where you don't want to stand out too much."

Furthermore, there are no ThinkTank logos on the front and sides, making it an excellent undercover camera bag. It's hardly noticeable that you're carrying expensive photographic equipment. This can be ideal for situations where you don't want to stand out too much, such as discreet street photography or not distracting from the bride and groom at a wedding. In addition to the Retrospective 7 V2.0, there are five other shoulder bags in various sizes as part of the ThinkTank Retrospective line.

ThinkTank Retrospective - Bag closed
ThinkTank Retrospective - Bag open

Unique Feature of the Retrospective Camera Bag

The bag features clever sound silencers. In normal mode, these fabric flaps are hidden, and the bag securely closes with Velcro. This means the flap won't open easily, and if someone tries to take a peek inside your bag without permission, you'll hear it. However, in situations where you need to work quietly, you can cover the Velcro with special flaps. This way, the flap can still be closed without making any noise when you open it.

ThinkTank Retrospective - Example interior/contents of camera bag
ThinkTank Retrospective - Empty camerabag
ThinkTank Retrospective - Example interior/contents of camera bag

What Fits in the Retrospective 7 Camera Bag?

When you open the large flap of the bag, you'll find a spacious main compartment sealed with a zipper. The zipper opening can be tucked under the main flap when not in use. The main compartment of the Retrospective 7 V2.0 camera bag can accommodate a large, pro-style camera with a f/2.8 midrange 24–70mm zoom lens and two additional midrange lenses or other accessories like a flash. Due to its depth, you can even fit a compact telephoto lens in it. It's also possible to transport a drone kit in this camera bag.

"Additionally, there's a roomy front pocket where you can store various camera accessories."

Additionally, there's a roomy front pocket where you can store various camera accessories. The front pocket is sealed with strong Velcro. Inside the pocket, you'll find various smaller and larger pockets for storing small accessories. There are pockets perfect for filter cases and pockets for items like batteries and a memory card case. In the main compartment, at the back, there's also a small zippered pocket. It's large enough to hold your wallet or other valuable items. Furthermore, the Retrospective 7 V2.0 has dedicated pockets for a 10-inch tablet and a 13-inch laptop.

ThinkTank dividing wall of the retrospective camera bag
ThinkTank retrospective camera bag rain cover

Divider Panels

ThinkTank provides divider panels with the camera bag, and they easily adapt to your equipment while offering ample protection due to their thick padding. With the ThinkTank Retrospective camera bag, you receive additional divider panels because you can never have too many.

The Rain Cover Offers Extra Protection

The exterior of the camera bag can withstand light rain, but the included rain cover provides extra security. This cover will keep all your belongings dry on a rainy day and can be used in dirty conditions for added protection. The rain cover fits snugly around the shoulder strap attachments, allowing the bag to remain comfortable to carry.

ThinkTank retrospective - bag with drinking bottle
ThinkTank retrospective - bag on roller case

Additional Features of the Retrospective 7 Camera Bag

Two other features stand out on the outside of the bag. On the side of the bag, there's a pocket that can hold a large reusable water bottle. The pocket has a buckle, allowing you to fold it up when not in use.

At the back of the bag, there's a trolley sleeve where you can slide the handles of a rolling suitcase through. On top of the bag, there's a small handle that can easily be removed if desired. The shoulder strap has a good length, is easy to adjust, and features a thick padded shoulder pad. This ergonomic shoulder pad offers comfortable carrying, even when the bag is slightly overstuffed.

ThinkTank retrospective - zip at the back of the bag
ThinkTank retrospective - camera bag shoulder pad

Finish and Everyday Use

The finish and quality of ThinkTank bags are always excellent, and this Retrospective camera bag is no exception. With a weight of 1.2 kilograms, the bag is not overly heavy, but you can feel the quality in its construction. This is mainly due to the thick canvas-like fabric used on the exterior. Additionally, the bag is very well put together, with strong connections between its different components.

The thick and, where necessary, double stitching ensures that this bag won't wear out easily. Thanks to its high quality, you can expect this camera bag to last for years even with intensive use. It's doubtful whether you could wear this bag out under normal use.

Lucie award icon

Lucie technical award 2019 Best Day-use Camera bag

The excellent quality of this camera bag was recognized in 2019 with an award from the Lucie Foundation. The Lucie Awards is the most important annual event that honors the greatest achievements in photography.

Final Thoughts on the ThinkTank Retrospective 7 V2.0 Camera Bag

In daily use, the bag proves to be a particularly pleasant companion. The thick shoulder strap effectively distributes the bag's weight. The silent closure is a real advantage during visits to churches and museums. With numerous pockets, you can easily carry everything you need. Combined with its modest yet modern appearance, this camera bag is suitable for a tourist look with shorts and sandals, but it also won't make you stand out unintentionally as a professional photographer at a wedding.


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