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Anyone who travels almost always takes a "storage pouch" with them to temporarily store his or her necessary personal belongings. Even on short "trips" of a few hours to school or the tennis club, a school bag or sports bag is taken. This is quite natural, and a simple backpack will do. But when you leave home for a longer period of time, you will need to take more stuff with you. It is nice to have a suitable travel bag for this. Preferably one that you can use for all kinds of trips, because after all, no trip is the same.

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Which bags belong to the Peak Design Travel Line?

Since 2018, Peak Design has a product line with those suitable travel bags; the Travel Line. The bags that belong to this product line are the Travel Backpack (30L and 45L), the Travel Duffel bag (35L and 65L) and the 'hybrid' Travel DuffelPack (65L). The Backpack 30L and the Duffel bag 65L have been added to the line-up. Peak Design focuses here on a different segment than with the famous Peak Design Everyday Backpack; as the name of the Travel Backpack indicates - storage for traveling.

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Travel Backpack 30L

Travel Backpack 30L and 45L - Functional and beautiful

If you own a Peak Design bag or accessory, you know why everyone is so enthusiastic about the products of this brand. With a Peak Design bag, you are assured of an excellent bag with the very best features that, let's be honest, every other bag brand wants to copy. This is no different with the Peak Design Travel Backpacks. They are simply stylish, robust backpacks with all kinds of handy features.


How much fits in a Travel Backpack?

The Backpack 45L comes in the colours: Black and Sage. The 30L Backpack has besides these two colours an extra colour option: Midnight (blue). Of course, it is nice that the Peak Design Travel Backpacks look nice, but what really matters with a travel bag is how much you can fit in it.

Capacity of the 30L backpack

When 'folded up', the Travel BackPack 30L has a capacity of 27L. With a zip you unlock the 6L of extra space. The main compartment thus has a maximum volume of 33L. With the maximum dimensions of 53 cm x 33 cm x 20 cm, the bag can be taken on a plane as hand luggage. The main compartment, when unfolded, measures 49cm x 36cm x 16cm (LxWxH). Three units of Peak Design Packing & Camera Cubes fit in it. The bag is then really full.

Note: The dimensions of the different sizes of Packing Cubes, Camera Cubes and the four types of storage pouches are expressed in units. Read more about units here.


Capacity of the 45L Travel backpack

By default, the Travel Backpack 45L has a volume of 35L. By unzipping the compression zip, you can increase the volume of the bag. In this way, you can reach the full 45L of the bag. Please note: there is a chance that the unfolded 45L backpack cannot be taken on the plane as hand luggage. You can also make the bag a little more compact by using two press-studs at the top of the bag.

What may be perceived as a minor drawback by some is that those snaps come loose when you fill the bag up. This is not a fault, you have put simply too many things in it! The outside dimensions of the backpack are 56cm x 33cm x 29cm (LxWxH) when unfolded and full. The inner compartment measures 53.3cm x 33cm x 19cm. Three units of Peak Design Packing & Camera Cubes fit in there. This leaves some extra space for small items.

Waterproof zips

Two sizes of travel backpacks - the similarities

The front zip of the bag gives you access to the organisation panel at the front. There you will find a number of compartments of different sizes. There are enough pockets to fit all kinds of small accessories or personal items. Accessories that can be scratched are better placed in the compartment with the soft lining. There is also a separate compartment for a laptop or tablet.

The exterior of the bags is made of recycled nylon canvas with a water-repellent coating so that your belongings stay completely dry. The two elastic side pockets can be used to store all sorts of things, such as a 2L water bottle. They stretch well, so even a medium-sized tripod fits in quite easily. It is not easy, but it will fit.

The backpacks have a robust and solid back panel which distributes the ballast over your entire back. Both the padded shoulder straps and the reinforced hip belt (for the 45L) can be tucked behind the back panel. This prevents, for example, those uncomfortable situations where a snap buckle gets stuck in the luggage rack on the train!

In addition, the Travel backpacks have many other small features, such as a light grey inner lining to make it easier to find your belongings. The bags have anti-theft zip pullers to make it more difficult for quick fingers, and they have several sturdy handles, one of which you can even slide over the handle of a rolling suitcase.

Front pocket Travel Backpack 45L

The extras of the Backpack 45L

The 45L version naturally has a larger volume than the 30L, but it also has some features that the 30L does not have.

  • More access points: back, side and front zips.
  • Divisible main volume: internal partition wall that can be unzipped as needed to create 2 compartments.
  • Integrated hip belt: stowable padded hip belt for heavier loads
  • Compressible: Compression buttons narrow the profile for use as a day bag
  • Two hidden external zip pockets for cash, passport, etc.
  • In addition to space for 3 PD cubes, there is extra room for all kinds of pockets, a summer coat, or an extra pair of thick socks.
  • Optimised for photographers: Cameras and lenses can be quickly grabbed from the side.

Awards won by the Travel Backpack 45L

Awards Backpack 45L
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Duffel bag 35L and 65L - Always ready to go

A Travel Duffelbag is everything you can expect from a typical duffel bag, but with a Peak Design vibe: everything is just a little bit tighter and more beautiful! With a choice of two sizes, you can better tailor your bag to your needs.

The Duffel bag 35L can be used to carry your camera equipment, but also works great as a weekend bag. The Duffel 35L can even be used as a luxury sports bag.

Choose the Duffel bag 65L if you need to carry a lot of camera gear. It is also the better choice for longer trips as it really holds a lot of stuff! Another great thing about the duffel bag is that you can rely on its robustness when you need to check it in at the airport.

Do not check in expensive camera equipment, but take it with you as hand luggage.

What fits in a Duffel Bag?

The Duffel bags are more spacious than you would initially expect. With a compartment of 25.5cm x 51cm x 20cm (LxWxH) the 35L Duffel has enough space to store 3 units of Peak Design Cubes or Pouches. The Duffel 65L, on the other hand, has a compartment of 33cm x 74cm x 31cm and 4 units fit easily in it. There is even some extra space left. Both duffels have compartments on both sides where you can store things like a water bottle.

Light grey inside
Duffel 35L Sage

Main features of the Duffelbag

Just like the Travel Backpack, the Duffels have a light grey inner lining to make it easier to find your things. Also used are the anti-theft zip pulls that make it harder for quick fingers to get in. Finally, the opening of the bag is reinforced on two sides with strong, lightweight tubes that keeps the opening open even when there is nothing in the travel bag.

"Although they are sturdier than a regular bag, this is not reflected in the weight."

The Duffels are made of recycled nylon canvas and have a water-repellent coating. Because the bottom of the bag always has more to endure, an ultra-durable waterproof lining has been applied here. Although they are sturdier than a regular bag, this is not visible in their weight. The duffel bag 35L weighs no more than 900 grams. To give you a comparison: a standard Eastpack for example has a volume of only 24L and also weighs 900 grams. The 65L duffel bag weighs 1.3 kilograms and can't be called heavy either. They are available in the colours Black and Sage.

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DuffelPack 65L - Sturdy transporter

The DuffelPack is a hybrid between a regular duffel bag and a backpack; hence the name: DuffelPack. This travel bag has a capacity of 45L, which can be expanded to the maximum capacity of 65L. By unzipping the expansion part, you can quickly gain this 20L of extra space. Besides the fact that the DuffelPack has a nice clean look and fits a lot in it, it is also solidly built. This really is a great duffel travel bag that can be used in many different circumstances; from day trips to longer trips.

What fits in the DuffelPack 65L?

An extra-long zip path provides wider access than traditional duffels for easier packing and total visibility. The edges around the opening are reinforced to keep it securely open. In the DuffelPack, no less than 4 units of Peak Design Camera and Packing Cubes fit. To give you an idea which combinations you can make:

  • 1 large camera cube and 1 small packing cube;
  • or 1 medium camera cube and 1 medium packing cube;
  • Or 2 small packing cubes and 1 medium camera cube.
4 units in Duffelpack

Even with the DuffelPack full of Cubes, there is still some space left for a few loose items, such as a jacket and a water bottle. In the main compartment there are also two mesh pockets to store loose items that you don't want to put in a Cube. The DuffelPack also has two external side pockets with extra storage space. No shortage of space with this bag!

Key features of the Peak Design DuffelPack

Besides the fact that the DuffelPack fits a huge amount of stuff, it also has a number of typical Peak Design features. The inside is lined with a light grey fabric to make it easier to find your loose items. On the inside there are six 'c-clip' loops to attach your Camera- or Packing Cube.

Is 65L still not enough space? Then you can use the two included external carrying straps to attach additional items to the outside of your bag. There are 14 loops on the bag so you can use the straps in any way you like.

"On the inside, there are six 'c-clip' loops to attach your Camera or Packing Cube."

The DuffelPack is made of recycled nylon canvas and has a water-repellent coating. The comfortable shoulder and hip straps ensure that the large travel bag sits comfortably on your back. There are six padded handles spread across the bag which optimise the carrying options. The DuffelPack also has waterproof zip paths and large zip pullers. This Travel bag is available in the colours Black and Sage.

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Travel Line - the additional accessories

Besides the three types of travel bags, the Packing Cubes, Camera Cubes and four different storage pouches are also part of the Travel Line. With these storage units, you can easily organise your travel bag and keep it organised. Peak Design expresses the sizes in units. The size of the Small cube is 1 unit, the Medium cube is 2 units and the Large cube is 3 units.

The special Camera Cubes cannot be placed on top of each other, but with the Package cubes and the other pouches this is often possible. You can attach the cubes to the inside of the bag with the Peak Design 'c-clips'. These are C-shaped clips that you put through two loops to keep them together. It is wise to always fasten a cube at at least four points, even if your bag is full. That way it can't move at all.

Lifetime Warranty

Peak Design Travel bags come with the Peak Design Lifetime Warranty. This covers manufacturing defects and defects or breaks in normal use that render a part or the whole of your product non-functional. This does not include cosmetic damage incurred if you throw it out of a moving car or something similar.


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